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    Texting Trouble – Chiropractors Bondi Junction Advice

    Texting Trouble – Chiropractors Bondi Junction Advice

    Chiropractors in Bondi Junction understand that with today’s emphasis on being connected all day every day, most of us spend hours on our email, the internet, and our mobile phones. This means that many of us spend a substantial amount of time each day tapping out text messages. While being able to text on the go means that we may not have to worry so much about desk-based repetitive strain injuries, frequent texting may result in repetitive injuries of its own.

    Most phone users type their text messages using only their thumb, and as a result many phone addicts find that their thumb and the fleshy pad near the thumb succumb to injury. This disorder has become so common that injuries resulting from frequent texting have become known as ‘iPhone thumb’, in reference to the handheld PDA of the same name.

    iPhone thumb symptoms vary, but typically include numbness or pain in the thumb area, and also in the joint of the hand. People who suffer from iPhone thumb also commonly suffer from discomfort in the neck and upper-back area.

    If you can’t prise yourself away from your mobile phone or your PDA, then you should speak to your chiropractor about how you might be able to reduce the likelihood of sustaining an injury from text messaging. Your chiropractor may be able to help you prevent repetitive strain injuries and may be able to help you develop a plan to reduce discomfort or pain when texting.

    For further advice about alleviating texting-related injuries or about preventing them, contact your Chiropractors in Bondi Junction for an appointment.

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