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    Prevent Running Injuries With Bondi Junction Chiropractic

    Prevent Running Injuries With Bondi Junction Chiropractic

    One of the best ways to improve your cardiovascular health while simultaneously strengthening your muscles and bones is to take up running. Unfortunately, while running has many health benefits, injuries from running are common.

    Chiropractors emphasize an injury-prevention approach to training, and highlight key factors such as ensuring that your spine and neck are healthy and aligned. It may seem trivial, but ensuring that your spine is healthy, aligned, and flexible, may mean that you’ll be less likely to sustain injuries when running.

    Your spinal strength may be compromised by imbalances or weaknesses. For example, if a joint such as the sacroiliac joint, a bone found towards the base of the spine, becomes either too tight or too loose, you may find yourself suffering from hip pain or pain in the lower back. This pain could see you skipping your morning run while you recover. Fortunately, injuries such as these may be able to be corrected by your chiropractor using techniques such as manipulations and manoeuvres.

    Your Bondi Junction Chiropractic clinic will also undertake a general physical assessment to identify any existing problems or issues that may result in painful outcomes down the track. Your chiropractor may develop a chiropractic care plan for you designed to treat your existing pain and to improve your muscular strength and flexibility to prevent issues in future.

    Whether you’re an experienced or a beginning runner, consider taking action that may help to prevent injuries. Visit your chiropractor for an assessment and preventative treatment plan. For more information, call your Bondi Junction chiropractor for an appointment today.

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