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    New Research Shows Chiropractic Care Relaxes Tense Muscles

    New Research Shows Chiropractic Care Relaxes Tense Muscles

    When our muscles tighten or contract over long periods of time, the result can be painful. Tense individuals may find that they suffer from muscle spasms, muscular ‘knots’, and muscular tension.

    Muscle tension in specific areas of the body is known by chiropractor as ‘myofascial pain syndrome’. A less technical term is a ‘trigger point’. These areas of tension exhibit may affect levels of nervous system activity and blood circulation.

    Until recently, researchers thought that these trigger points were painful and tight because they were subject to frequent nerve impulses, and this over-stimulation forced the muscle to remain tight and contracted. More recent research, however, suggests that it may be the other way around with the tightened muscles generating the changes.

    It is now thought that muscular knots or trigger points are under-stimulated when it comes to nerve flow, and often received impaired nerve signals. One recent trial examined the effect of chiropractic care on muscular tension. Changes in muscular tension before, during, and after the treatment were measured through electromyography, a technique that involves placing electrodes on the paraspinal muscles and measuring electrical activity in the body. Interestingly, levels of tension in the muscles were found to drop by more than a quarter in the majority of the treatment sites.

    For more information about how muscle pain and muscle tension might be alleviated by chiropractic care, call your Chiropractor in Bondi Junction

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