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    Laugh Yourself Healthy: The Chiropractic Way

    Laugh Yourself Healthy: The Chiropractic Way

    Did you know that a laugh a day can keep the doctor away?

    Research has indicated that laughing is a great way to turn our minds away from pressing issues such as physical or psychological pain or distress. When we laugh, we release endorphins, natural hormones that are responsible for that warm and fuzzy feeling of well-being.

    Studies have also shown that laughter may have a number of other benefits including reducing blood pressure, reducing artery hardening, and even alleviating the debilitating pain of a migraine. The reason may be that blood vessels dilate during laughter, thus aiding circulation.

    Chiropractors are one of the few groups of practitioners who encourage their patients to laugh as part of a drug-free pain-relief and well-being improvement technique. Watch out for the side effects though – every around you might begin to feel better too because laughter is contagious!

    For more information about how laughter and being positive may help to promote health and well-being, contact your Eastern Suburbs Chiropractor

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