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    How to Pack a Perfect Chiropractic School Lunch

    How to Pack a Perfect Chiropractic School Lunch

    Children often lack the nutritional knowledge needed to make healthy food choices. This is why it’s essential that parents take responsibility for teaching their children how to make appropriate dietary choices that will keep them healthy and in shape. One way of teaching children about basic nutrition is to help them back their school lunch. Packing the day’s lunch the night before is a great morning time-saver, and is a great way to provide parents and children with an opportunity to think about nutrition and healthy food choices.

    Rather than choosing quick-fix options such as chips or biscuits, opt for healthier choices such as humus, fresh vegetables, and multigrain pita bread. For a healthy vegetarian alternative, consider preparing a quick bean salad.

    Avoid sugar-filled options such as peanut butter and mainstream jams, and instead look for sugar-free all natural almond butter and 100% fruit spreads. Make an effort to skip products filled with preservatives such as nitrates, which have been linked with harmful side effects, and avoid those brimming with sugar or poor quality oils such as hydrogenated oils. Pre-packaged options are often high in sugar or contain additives, so opt for natural alternatives such as fruit, hard-boiled eggs, or vegetables instead.

    For more information about creating a healthy nutritional plan for your children, contact your Chiro in Bondi Junction for an appointment.

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