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    Chicken Soup as Medicine: Chiropractic myth or reality?

    Chicken Soup as Medicine: Chiropractic myth or reality?

    Old wives’ tales may seem silly to those of us who pride ourselves for being modern and progressive, but the truth is that they often have a basis in fact. One recently validated piece of mother’s wisdom is that the humble pot of chicken soup may well be healing and healthful.

    A recent research project undertaken by the Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine department at the University of Nebraska Medical Centre in Nebraska looked at whether chicken soup affected the white blood cells known as neutrophils. Neutrophil white blood cells are cells that encourage inflammation and that can increase levels of congestion, resulting in coughing and wheezing.

    The scientists at the Centre found that dousing these cells with chicken soup could actually discourage these cells from interacting with nearby infectious stimuli. What does this mean? Effectively, that chicken soup may be an anti-inflammatory product, says Stephen Rennard, MD, FCCP, key author of the study.

    But the benefits of chicken soup may go much further. Other research into the benefits of chicken soup has found that it may also inhibit the development of blood pressure, and may have a positive effect on serotonin levels, thus warding off disorders such as anxiety of depression.

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