• 08 JAN 15
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    Bondi Junction Chiros Say To Give Thanks to Your Health

    Bondi Junction Chiros Say To Give Thanks to Your Health

    This is that time of year when people all around the world express their gratitude for all of the good things in their life, including their family, friends, home, and of course their health.

    Unfortunately, while everyone finishes up Thanksgiving with the best of intentions, it’s easy for things to fall by the wayside. Interestingly, rather than expressing gratitude one day a year, many health practitioners encourage their patients to express gratitude all year around. Why is this, you might ask? Being grateful and thankful may actually have a positive effect on your overall health, both physical and mental.

    There’s a growing amount of evidence that suggests that those who express gratitude on a regular basis exercise more, sleep better, have fewer health issues, are less stressed, and are generally more happy and optimistic than those who don’t.

    But being grateful doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. For some simple and easy steps about how to be grateful in all areas of life, and for some steps to improve your overall health while you’re at it, visit our Patient Resource Page or contact your Bondi Junction Chiros today for an appointment.

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