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    The Health Benefits of Artichokes According to Coogee Chiropractors

    The Health Benefits of Artichokes According to Coogee Chiropractors

    Artichokes are a strange looking vegetable, and those stubby stems, spiny leaves, and odd shape can be off-putting for some. Many people look at an artichoke and assume that they are difficult to prepare and cook. Fortunately, artichokes are less scary than they look, and cooking and eating them is simple. Even better, artichokes have a number of important health benefits.

    Research into the health benefits of artichokes has found that artichokes may help to keep cholesterol levels low. In 2008 a study of 75 adults with high blood cholesterol found that eating an artichoke leaf extract each day over a twelve week period may lower blood cholesterol levels. The study subjects were divided into two groups – one group received the artichoke extract daily, while the second group received a placebo. The result was ‘statistically significant’ in favour of the group that consume the artichoke extract.

    Coogee Chiropractors believe that nutrition and general health go hand in hand, and promote a holistic approach to treatment and health. For more information about how balanced nutrition may be able to help improve your health, call your chiropractor near Coogee for an appointment today.

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