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    An Introduction to Foam Rollers

    An Introduction to Foam Rollers

    Preserving health skeletal and muscle structure involves an ongoing commitment. Good health is not something that comes from magic fixes – such things are an ongoing process, and elsewhere. As your go-to Bondi Chiropractor, I can say for certainty that any advantage we can add to our day-to-day lives has a considerable impact on overall health, and we simply must remember to do it.

    One of the biggest influences on muscular and skeletal health today is our manner of sitting upright. In an age when many of us spend much of the day at our desks and workstations, the weight of our torso on our lower backs can cause a number of curvature issues, stresses to the spine, and tensing in deep tissue. There are reasons why the notion of ‘desk chair yoga’ has gained traction with a number of human resources departments, and why standing workstations are gaining followers.

    But for the bulk of us, having a method of working the lower back is paramount to leaving the office in a comfortable state. Foam rollers are essentially a cylinder of hard foam or plastic, often with an uneven surface, depending on the level of aggression desired, and serve as a form of tissue massage. They are employed using one’s body weight, for example, rolling under your lower back using your legs, or under your glutes.

    The pressure of body weight, and the rolling action on the surface, serves to massage and ease deep tissue wherever it is employed. It not only can help your work-induced posture issues, but increase blood flow and work out knots, adhesions, and scar tissue. It can serve as a method of relaxing an otherwise tense area on your body, and can prevent muscles from acting adversely upon your skeletal structure. They aren’t horrendously expensive, either.

    Like most aspects of your health, they are not a cure-all. But they are another spanner in your toolbox. From your Bondi and North Bondi Chiropractor, here’s to good health.

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