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Health Tips From Dr Steven Lockstone

  • Sciatica: A Primer

    Sciatica: A Primer

    Sciatica is among the most common ailments to be treated by chiropractors in Edgecliff. Characterized by a dull pain spreading through the buttocks to the lower legs, sciatica is not itself a medical condition: the name itself is only used to refer to the pain caused by the sciatic nerve. The trauma to the nerveRead more →

  • An Introduction to Foam Rollers

    An Introduction to Foam Rollers

    Preserving health skeletal and muscle structure involves an ongoing commitment. Good health is not something that comes from magic fixes – such things are an ongoing process, and elsewhere. As your go-to Bondi Chiropractor, I can say for certainty that any advantage we can add to our day-to-day lives has a considerable impact on overallRead more →

  • New Research Shows Chiropractic Care Relaxes Tense Muscles

    New Research Shows Chiropractic Care Relaxes Tense Muscles

    When our muscles tighten or contract over long periods of time, the result can be painful. Tense individuals may find that they suffer from muscle spasms, muscular ‘knots’, and muscular tension. Muscle tension in specific areas of the body is known by chiropractor as ‘myofascial pain syndrome’. A less technical term is a ‘trigger point’.Read more →

  • Laugh Yourself Healthy: The Chiropractic Way

    Laugh Yourself Healthy: The Chiropractic Way

    Did you know that a laugh a day can keep the doctor away? Research has indicated that laughing is a great way to turn our minds away from pressing issues such as physical or psychological pain or distress. When we laugh, we release endorphins, natural hormones that are responsible for that warm and fuzzy feelingRead more →